2024 4th International Conference on Computer Science, Electronic Information Engineering and Intelligent Control Technology
Call For Papers
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Call for Papers

Call For Papers

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

◕ Computer Science

◔ Algorithm

◔ Automation software engineering

◔ Artificial intelligence

◔ Computer vision

◔ Computer security

◔ Computer network

◔ Computer simulation

◔ Human-computer interaction

◔ Information system

◔ Robotics and automation

◔ Knowledge data engineering

◔ Computer science and computer engineering

◔ Digital signal and image processing

◔ Digital system and logic design

◔ Multimedia applications

◕ Intelligent Control Technology

◔ Intelligent control and automation

◔ Control theory and application

◔ Intelligence and optimal control system

◔ System science and system engineering

◔ System modeling, analysis and synthesis

◔ Power system and its automation

◔ Power electronics and power drive

◔ Smart grid

◔ Automatic control theory

◔ Signal collection and processing

◔ Database establishment and maintenance

◔ NC programming

◔ Electrical control technology

◔ Development of single chip microcomputer

◕ Electronic Information Engineering

◔ Power electronic technology

◔ Communication signal processing

◔ Radar engineering

◔ Digital signal processing

◔ Microwave technology and antenna

◔ Electromagnetic field and electromagnetic wave

◔ Signal and image processing

◔ Automatic control and intelligent control

◔ Computer and network technology

◔ Network and office automation technology

◔ Multimedia technology

◔ Single chip microcomputer technology

◔ Electronic system design process

◔ Electronic design automation (EDA) technology

◔ Digital signal processing